Vince's kinetic typography

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This is my butter fly animation, the time it took me to make this was about 10 classes give or take 1 or 2, along with the kinetic typography assignment. This was a fairly easy assignment, didn't have any problems with this assignment at all. But without proper guidance it can get pretty confusing to figure out what to do next. all in all i had fun doing this. Anyways i hope you enjoyed watching the video. 
Moving on to my kinetic typography, the point of this assignment was to make new slides for some shel silverstein quotes, but in typography form. This assignment is very similar to the "playing with fonts" assignment back in September. This was also fairly easy, the only problem i had was choosing which animations will go with which sentence, paragraph or even word, because there are so many animations to choose from in Microsoft power point. Other than that i enjoyed doing this assignment, and i hope you'll enjoy watching. Bye!   
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