Kitty's First Blog Post


Our first assignment is on Internet Safety. We are going to review a video.

This video makes me feel genuinely sorry for people who think it's okay for them to insult someone else over the internet but when it comes to reality, they're too cowardly and afraid. You've heard this saying many times; "If you wouldn't say it in front of their face, then why would you say it online?", and this video explains just that but in a surreal way. Everyone knows that a majority of the human population wouldn't have the heart (or the guts) to stand in front of an audience and bully an individual because all chaos breaks loose when that happens but for some odd reason, we somewhat still invalidate cyber-bullying because "You don't know if they meant it", "But they're so friendly to you in person", and "What if that's not them?" All forms of bullying should be taken seriously no matter what, and I just think it's sad that some types of bullying are treated as if they're more important when they're not.

A second video that campaigns for anti-bullying is...

This video makes me feel 
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  1. I like how the second video makes you feel. Very good chose of words in my opinion. Feel, its a very strong word. For something to make you feel,is very deep. Good job.