Aeron's Kinetic Typography

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This is my Butterfly movie, I really enjoyed making the Butterfly movie, but it is pretty complicated to make.
To make the butterfly movie first we made a circle, with that circle we made it move to the center we made a stick shape like the letter Y, then we cut the circle in half. We then made the circle turn 180 degrees clockwise. Now the butterfly is almost finish, now we need to make the butterfly move, all we need to do is pick any animation for the butterfly.

This is my Kinetic Typography, This was also fun and easy to make.
First I copy the first line, then I picked a font, you can also pick a color if you want.
Now I Pick an animation for my line I then moved to my next line I did the same thing.
Now to make your typography better, you can also relate your line to any animation, for example: If your line says "spin" you can make your line spin or if your line says "blue" you can make that word blue.

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