Carlos's Kinetic Typhography

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This is my butterfly movie-

And this one is my Shel Silverstein poem-

How to make a kinetic typography:
1.Choose a writing or poem that you like
2.Then you make your piece of writing/poem into a typography here are 5 tips to help:

  • Choose a good font  
  • Text Size
  • The text contrast
  • Character and line spacing 
  • then text colour

3.The last part was go to power point and add the animations like

The green one is for the entrance where it starts.

The  yellow one is for the emphasis and its like the main attraction.

The red one is for the exit where you end the animation.

And the last one the white is for the motion paths for more animation. 

And you do the same thing all the words, but don't hesitate putting more than one animation, its better if you put more.

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