Eunice's Kinetic Typography

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Here is my butterfly movie:
Here is my Shel Silverstein poems:

How to make a Kinetic Typography:

1.) Pick a poem that you would like
2.)  Make the poem that you have chosen into a beautiful typography.
keep in mind the 5 tips for better typography:
  • Choice of font
  • Text size
  • Text contrast
  • Character and line spacing
  • Text color 
3.) Now you can make your poem more exiting by add animation. You can do this by going on the the animation panel and clicking any animation the best suits the word or sentence you are looking for. Plus if you click the  the icon that says More Animation and right at the bottom their are 4 stars that can give you more options when you click it.  

  • Green star is an animation for more entrance effects.
  • Yellow star is an animation for more emphasis effects.
  • Red star is an animation for more exit effects. 
  • White star is for more motion paths that lets you words move. 

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