Hosee Kinetic Typography

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Kinetic Butterfly
This is my Butterfly Movie, it took us 10 classes maybe 8 including the Kinetic Typography about Shel Silverstein, well this butterfly, is pretty hard at first, but when I finished it, I feel like doing more videos about, kinetic, we did this in power-point, which has animations, but I think there's more sites to go to, to do this kinetic typography, this is really fun, but frustrating at first but I enjoyed it, and learned a lot of things, about kinetic typography, probably I'll make more of this stuff, at home, to practice, and make wonderful kinetic typography  

Shel Silverstein Poem Kinetic Typography

This one is about the kinetic Typography, about Shel Silverstein, It was fun, without any pictures, to work on, just animations, but when your doing this your words, should relate, by what is your font, and what your sentence is, if the sentence says I may twirl, tip, or disappear, as I was embarrassed, your font should be felling that it is embarrassed, and the animations will, be twirling, tipping, disappear, then come back and fell embarrassed, like fade animation. It is really fun to do it, because in this assignment, we're not allowed to use pictures, but words that is relating to the quote.

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