Riham's Kinetic Typography

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  These are my butterfly and poem movie's.

  These were my first animations using PowerPoint. We've been requested to write 50 to 100 words on how to create a Kinetic Typography on PowerPoint. Although I am very much inexperienced, I will attempt to do just that while going into as little detail as I can.

 If one would like to attempt a Kinetic typography as I have, one must first open PowerPoint, of course. Once you're in the program, under the heading 'INSERT', you can insert a text customize your text until you feel it is relevant to the words you're using. But how to actually animate it? Under the heading 'animations', there are many animations to choose from. Entering animations, exiting animations, special animations, and motion paths. To keep track of the animations you're using, open an animation pane. Now you can choose animations, and edit their timing, and what order they come in.

  Now that I've explained this to the very extent which my abilities will allow me to, I will gladly finish this post.


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