Kinetic Typography Assignment

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Here are the instructions for your Kinetic Typography Assignment

First you have to have both your butterfly animation and poem animation at your Youtube channel.

Your post should have the following

Title #$%^&'s Kinetic Typography
Labels your name, Kinetic Typography

In the body you need to have the following

A picture that is about you poems
Butterfly Movie
Poem Movie

Your poem has to have the following

Title Slide This will have the name of the poet and the poem.
The next slide will be the poem through kinetic typography
Last slide is the entire poem on one slide.

Following the animations you need to write between 50 and 100 words on how to make a kinetic typography in Powerpoint.  

You will also be marked on the quality of your animations.  Are they helping explain the text better.
If you want bonus marks you need to do a second animation.


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