Meti's Kinetic Typography

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 How you create kinetic typography like the ones above is you have to have Power Point, and then go to animations. After that you have to click on animation panel so you can see what animations, anwhen it appears you put in your slides. Then you have to take a shape or text and put animations you want by clicking if there is no good ones you can click on the more motion paths, more entrance effects, more emphasis effects, and more exit effects. When you pick the animation you like, you can put more animations to your shape or text, or you can put animations to other shape or text. Also you should not put it all one slide because that would get a little messy, what you have to is try to put your or text on your new slide where the slide left it, and then put animations. You should try to keep it smooth, but I know how hard it is to do that, so just try your best.

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