Cristine's Kinetic Typography.

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Here is my Butterfly movie:

Here is my Shel Silverstein poem:

How to make a Kinetic Typography:
1. Pick a type of writing that you like.
2. Then make the piece of writing in to typography remember the 5 helpful tips.
  • Choice of Font
  • Text siz
  • Text Contrast
  • Character and line spacing
  • Text colour 
3. Now this is where  it gets fun and complicated, this is when you make that piece of writing that you picked, move by addend animation.

  • go to power point
  • do typography in power point
  • then you click on the icon that says animations on the tool box
  • then you click on the blue star 
  • when you have clicked what you have chosen find an animation that fits the word
  • then repeat for every word 
  • after that you save  

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