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Our first assignment is on Internet Safety. We are going to review a video.
The first video is....

The video makes me little odd and kind of laughing in the inside, because the girl on the stage had to get there and describe patty in the bad ways, she called her names, she bully, she's something, so I patty will I think do something odd, like suicide, stuff like that, because of that girl ruined her life that she literally broke Patty's life.
the on the stage must be expelled by cyber bullying Patty, if something happened to Patty, linzy must be expelled or suspended, by what she had done.

The second video is...
This video makes me fell sad, because she didn't know that the pictures she made is there forever and people can see it and comment on it, or even people can share it and make things worst, like the ending said, THINK before you post, means that ask anyone your parents, anyone you thrust, or ask them is this video good to post, or something, or think by yourself, by asking yourself is this good to post or whatsoever.
But I feel bad to her that people has been calling her names or something, if I were her, I wouldn't post that embarrassing  picture in whole wide world, my only opinion is She's stupid ^_^, just joking:).
so dont ever post a video, or a picture that doesn't feel like it or just ask any trustworthy adult, or your parent to have their permission to be safe. 
Hope you learned something from these video, and my comment about these video
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