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Our first assignment on Internet Safety. We are going to review a video.

This video makes me feel sad and surprised  for the person named Patty because this girl went in front of everyone and made Patty look bad. If this wasn't acting Patty would feel super depressed and would feel horrible at school as everybody would make fun of her. Also i wonder why this person would take time to ruin someone else's life. She could took the time she wasted on trying to make Patty look bad and she could of just made friends with her.

The second video is...
This video also makes me feel sad because she gave someone pictures that she should of not have. As when she tries to get a job she will be denied the job due to those photos. She probably did not know that what you post online stays online forever. So before you post think before you do. As if you think you have deleted it off the web there is still millions of copies still online. So don't post anything online without your parents permission. Thanks for reading post. I hope you learned something.
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