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Our first assignment is on Internet Safety. We are going to review a video

        This video is about if you would not say it to a person then why would you say it online. This video makes a good point because there is a lot of people who would say bad things online but don't say things like that in person. It is like they think people online don't have any feelings just because they don't see their reactions. But if people say it in person they can see how people react and kind of feel sorry for them, so they say it online so they can't see how they react and feel bad for them,or they just feel like people would really judge them for what they had said to that person and would get in trouble for saying bad things about a person. This video is good because it shows you what you have done or what other people done who would never say this in person but feel like they won't get in trouble if they post this online about a person. I like this video and I think it can people can learn from this video.

This second video is about thinking before you post , and there is a lot of people who don't think about what they are about to post. People can see whatever you post and what can happen that people would put it to a lot of different websites and once you post something you can't control where it goes if it goes viral. So you have to be careful of what you post because it can change your life if you don't be careful. Like the girl in the video once she heard the comments about her post, her facial expressions changes and what it looks like in the video is that she is sad and that she regrets what she has done. I like this video because it could teach people about what they should post.
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