Your next assignment Section 1 Period 6

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Your first assignment should be done.  The bookmark assignment will contain 4 bookmarks of Reading Quotes.  Your bookmarks should be the first 4 slides of the presentation.

Here is Assignment 2

Playing with Fonts

In a new Google Slide please make it public and name it Harbeck's Playing with Fonts (put your name not Harbeck)

Please look at the two presentations I have embedded for you. We are going to make words tell a story instead of relying on pictures.

Here are some awesome examples. Remember what the 5 Tips are they will be important.

5 Tips For Better Typography In Your Slides from Damon Nofar

This presentation has an embedded youtube video in it.  Please watch it at home it has some great ideas for you.

Let's Play Fonts (A creative illustration) from Ayman Sadiq

Now that you have seen the presentations please go to this website and choose 2 poems by Shel Silverstien.

The poems that you choose should have good imagery and things you understand.  You will not be using pictures for this assignment you will only be using words.

So for today here is what you have to do one more time.

  1. Finish Bookmark presentation (4 bookmarks 1 presentation)
  2. Create a new Google Slide and have it public and titled properly
  3. Go to the Shel Silverstien website and find two poems
  4. Cut and paste them into your new slide presentation
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