My Winter Break

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My Winter Break

I played indoors for a lot of my winter break. I did this because it is too cold to go outside so I just had fun inside. I played games such as League of Legends, Minecraft and many more. But I didn’t just play league.pnggames inside. I played games inside with my family and had parties with family friends. We had parties like get-togethers and parties like a Christmas party.
I tried a lot of different foods. I tried different types of seafood. While I was eating we did something called a “hot pot”. What this is a pot that is divided to two sides. One side is spicy for the seafood, the other side is for vegetables. All the seafood is un cook and you put the seafood into the pot if you would like to eat it. We will then add noodles to the seafood side.

My family isn’t a family that puts a Christmas tree in their living room,christmas-tree-pictures-tjfb58fu.gif but we do give gifts to each other. This Christmas I got a lot of clothes and money. Who i gave a gift to was my mom. I bought her a new hat from Polo Park. She really like it because she already had a hat but it was kinda to small now so the new hat I got for her was good.
I also slept in a lot I would usually sleep at 3am then wake up at 1pm. By doing this I had troubles waking up for the first day of school because I was to use to sleeping and waking up on my regular time.
I did go outside a few times, when I went outside I went to a school near me called Wellington school. I went there to play in the snow and play at they’re play structure. I went with people in my family. We did a little friendly contest with the people who went with me. The contest was which side could make the biggest fort. We didn’t get to finish this contest as we all got cold and went back home. At new years I went to the forks to watched the fireworks. It was great.
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