jacks winter break

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Possible act of kindness: make bags and give them to the homeless

Who are you going to help: the homeless

What are you going to do: make bags with a water bottle, snacks, mittens and hats

What resources will you need: money
Where are you going to go: the streets of Winnipeg

When are you going to do this: Christmas

Helping people who needed it felt great. I worried for people other than myself and that’s what matters. I did this with my mother and brother we helped the homeless. When we gave out the first bag I saw a smile and I smiled back. I felt great and I’m pretty sure the people we helped felt good too. When I had the time to stop I explained the pay it forward idea, it multiplies quickly see 1,3,9,27,81,243,729 it spreads quickly. I made a video of making the bags I didn’t record handing out the gifts because I felt if I was them I wouldn’t want to be recorded like this, it didn’t feel right.

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